The Bluffs waterfront properties Cedar Creek Lake TX is located near many small towns that surround Cedar Creek Lake. The Closest Town is Athens, Tx.


Waterfront Properties Cedar Creek Lake TX

Athens, TX is Only 12 miles from The Bluffs.  Athens has historic flavor with brick storefronts and a beautiful courthouse.  The square is full of activity with lively businesses surrounding the courthouse.  Athens was the home of Fletcher Davis, the inventor of the Hamburger and is known as the Black-Eyed Pea capitol of the world.

Athens is the recipient of the “Shining Star Award” as a hard working rural community and as a “certified retirement community” by the Texas Department of Agriculture. It has the aura of a small town yet is close enough to enjoy the offerings of big cities like Tyler 35 miles to the east and Dallas 75 miles to the northwest. East Texas Arboretum delights the nature lover and those who wish to hike the trails. The Texas Freshwater Fisheries boasts 300,000 gallons of aquaria along with other exhibits.

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